A Landmark of Luxury

Born of the Blue Lagoon’s volcanic frontier, built into a moss-covered lava flow dating from the year 1226, powered by sustainable energy, and surrounded by the mineral-rich waters of Lava Lagoon, Moss Hotel seamlessly integrates nature, architecture, and affluence.

Rooms & Suites

Interiors conceived for comfort, designed for serenity, and architected for wellbeing.

Floor-to-ceiling windows revealing a world of enchantment. Terraces giving access to the radiant geothermal waters. Balconies providing unforgettable perspectives on the volcanic horizon.

Each room and suite is the foundation of a transformative experience.


Moss Room


Lava Room


Moss Suite

Lagoon Suite

Blue Lagoon Suite

A Sanctuary of Serenity

A place to unwind the clock of modern life and unlock the door to a wonder of the world.

Unified by water and earth with Lava Cove—a stunning subterranean spa—the hotel erases the boundary between hospitality, wellbeing, and luxury.