Tradition Reinvented

Iceland’s unique culinary heritage is reinvented by Moss Restaurant’s team of chefs. Everything is prepared with an affection for this island and the bounty of nourishment brought forth from its seas, its mountains, its farmlands, and its geothermal greenhouses.

A Culinary Journey

The breathtaking view of the volcanic horizon is the backdrop for the tantalizing creations that emerge from the kitchen. With an atmosphere of sophisticated fine dining, the restaurant also features a chef’s table, a lounge, and a wine cellar deep in the centuries-old lava.

The Lounge

The lounge brings together the timeless ambiance of elegant design, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails enjoyed by the light of a fire, a stunning view of the lava landscape, and an expansive balcony from which to observe Iceland’s celestial, solar, and volcanic phenomena.

The Chef’s Table

Fresh, local, seasonal ingredients are the guiding lights for this unforgettable feast. Classic Icelandic recipes are given new life as the chefs prepare each dish in front of your eyes.

A 7-course experience founded upon heritage, tradition, and reinvention.